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Scalability cargo

We have started a new operation of general cargo transportation oriented to the petrochemical and agricultural sector in the center and north of our country. From the city of Córdoba we operate this service with our own units, taking our experience in logistics and management to new clients.

From Decree 32/18, which changed to 779/95, the Total Gross Weight (PBT) configuration scheme for road freight transport in Argentina changed completely, and our company set itself the objective of investing in modernization of the fleet to take advantage of the benefits of the new regulation and improve the competitiveness of our service with equipment up to 120.000 lbs. of PBT. In this way we offer our customers a more efficient transport, improving their productivity, at the same time in a more environmentally friendly way.

Within our fleet we have modern scalable units, with capacity of up to 120.000 lbs., with dump system, special to transport aggregates, grains, cereals and bulk cargo.

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